Friday, January 22, 2010

Korean barbeque (Galbi)

More Food pictures!!
I haven't posted any updates in a while, so that's why I am adding so many at once. These are from 2010-01-22, when Anders and I went for Korean Barbeque dinner at a restaurant just opposite our apartment building.

Korean BBQ can be fantastic, filled with fresh foods and tasty sauces. You grill the meat at your table, then dip it in different sauces, and broths, wrap it in a lettuce leaf which you then sink your teeth into. Fantastic!

It's pretty difficult to order if your waiter does not speak English. I still have not learned enough actual Korean words, but I have gotten a little grip on the alphabet. The topmost row says "Galbi sal, 14,000",
which should be enough to say to the waiter who takes your order.
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  1. Blunda och peka. Enda sätter att få ut något av den där menyn.

  2. Det vågar man inte. Bilder äger, oavsett vad Gordon Ramsay säger.