Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday = Trashday

Every Tuesday evening is garbage-disposal day, where we have to take all our plastics, metals, cardboard and all other trash down to the street level and put it in the appropriatly labelled bag. You'd think they would have come up with a system where you can throw stuff any day of the week but no.. At least in this apartment building, we have to wait for the guys to come on Tuesdays to pick it up.
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Visitor from Sweden

Martin came to visit from the Lund office, and we took him to a traditional Korean lunch restaurant. We got "Dolsot Bibimbap", which means fried mixed rice in a heated bowl made from solid stone. You mix everything together before you start eating. Very hot, can be quite spicy, and very good. Martin seemed to like it too.
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Office building exterior

This is my office building, Digital Empire (I). It's a shot from the street-level plaza made up by the tall structures around it. In the summertime, people play badminton after work here. The building itself is not very inspiring, to be honest. Temperatures vary from 2 degrees in the hallways, 20 degrees at my workplace, and 30 in the conference room.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bus advertising

Is it just me, or is her left arm very long and fitted with extra joints?
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going to Yongsan, Seoul

Pocari Sweat is an isotonic energy drink, much like the stuff you can find in Sweden. It's a Japanese drink, has a weird name but I hear it's just because they think the sound is cool: "Pocari Sweat-u". The content description on the can assures that the level of transpiration from any animal is neglible. :-)

Yongsan station in Seoul has a huge movie theater where we had hoped to see Avatar 3D on an Imax screen. Unfortunately, the shows were all sold out. We'll try again.
Yongsan is also home to a huge electronic department store, but more about that some other time.
Instead, we had fantastic sushi! This picture shows "Toro" - "Fat belly tuna".
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White love in Lapland?

We are not the only ones who think faraway places are exotic...
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meeting the Raj

I met Raj last summer in Suwon, he's working as an English teacher in Suwon. We went for a barbeque dinner near his place. Raj is a great guy and he's shown me around in town before. He's also very persuasive when it comes to soju. Soju is an alcoholic drink (traditionally made from rice) with an alco-strength of about 20%. We eventually downed more bottles than I want to admit. I felt like Roger Murtaugh - "I'm too old for this sh*t". :-)
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