Monday, January 18, 2010

Traveling pleasures and pains

Saturday, 6.20 AM : Alarm clock rang. Someone pressed snooze, I don't know who.
6.29 AM : Alarm clock rang. I could have sworn it was the first time.

Taxi, Train to Malmö C. Train to Copenhagen was mysteriously cancelled for no apparent reason. Maybe Obama was making another visit.

10.45 AM : Liftoff for Paris, 20 minutes late but I am sure the schedules for connecting flights are designed with room for delays.

12:20ish PM: Landed in Paris, quite late. Boarding time for my next flight is 12:45 but If I can just quickly find my gate...

12:21 : Turned a corner to find 200 people ahead of me in line for security check. All flights were delayed, so most people were in the same situation.

12:50 : Feeling of joy as I cut ahead in line, since a guy had left his place in the line with just his carry-on-luggage to protect it. Haha! Björn for the Win!

12:55 : Just as I am about to take off my shoes, I hear the airport police shout "Evacuez, s'il vous plaït. Depeche-vous!" The very same piece of luggage was now seen as abandoned and a security-breach. Everybody out, and wait for 30 minutes. Major fail!

13:50 : After the situation is resolved, my luggage gets a thorough search, and I show up at the gate 20 minutes after departure time. I missed it. D'oh.

A couple of hours of work, movies and espresso later, I'm airborne. The flight is pretty uneventful. I had the Korean food, lots of movies, not enough drinks (I'll never fly Korean Air again), and a screaming little boy in the seat behind me. Still no 10000meter club membership.

Sunday, 15:30 (local time, UTC+8) : Finally, I am on Korean soil. I am really tired now, after 24 hrs on the road. Then a bus, then a taxi, and finally, at 18:00 I arrive, find the carefully placed keycard left by my housemate, and can sit down in my couch and relax a bit. First meal: Papa John's pizza. With pineapple. Yum yum! I took a picture of the pizza ladies, they giggled at the strange westerner. Life's good.


  1. A couple of questions: Where is the picture of the two giggling girls? Was the abandoned luggage the backpack from the guy who left the line? Is there snow in Korea now?

  2. Yes, the abandoned luggage was the very same one I had passed just a moment before. At least I think so. I didn't catch a glimpse of the owner, but I guess he had the sense of self-preservation to avoid the lynch-mob.

    Pictures are upcoming :)