Friday, January 8, 2010

How to make an entrance

So, there it is, my first entry for 2010, and my first entry on this blog. I don't have time to make anything fancy in this one, I just want to say a warm welcome to anyone who might read it. This is my blog, my mouthpiece, my scene, my arena, on which I will let play out the upcoming drama of my life. I am heading to South Korea for a while, with work, and I will try to use this blog as a visual diary on what is going on in my life during my stay.

So my tickets are booked, I have my passport in order, my dictionaries are ready to be packed. All in all, I am getting ready to roll out. I still haven't really accepted the fact that, except for the odd week here and there, I might actually be away for a full year from home. I tell everyone how cool it's going to be, but privately, I hope that I will be able to keep in touch with my friends, and loved ones here. I spent almost 3 months in Korea last summer, but this will be different. Still, I am looking forward to the adventure of a new place, new job (kind of), and new opportunities to explore a country and meet new people.


  1. Jaha, jaså, jaha. Ny resa, ny blog. Men nu vill vi se fler uppdateringar, den här gången har du ingen ursäkt.

    Tvekar du? Ja, då måste jag ju posta grejer som följande för att utöva utpressning:

  2. Jisses, vad har du nu hittat!? En sån ståtlig yngling, han kommer nog bli något stort när han blir stor =)

    Blogg-uppdateringar kommer :)